October 10, 2016

The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center Horse Show in St. George, UT

October 8th, 2016 was the date of our fall horse show - the biggest one we've ever had so far! Thank you Judge Marsha Bloom from Park City for educational and inspiring judging. Other special thanks goes to Ring Stewards Kathy Greenway and Dr. Tom Johnson; Dressage Scribe and Scorer Faith Narkiewicz; Rider/Tack Assistants Allie Pendleton and Amber Foster and all the others who helped with arena set-up and clearing.  You are very appreciated! Thank you so much!

Show Results are as follows:
Jumping / Crossrails
First Place: Kamryn Wall and Diamond
Second Place: Alyssa Linnell and Hunter

First Place: Kamryn Wall and Diamond
Second Place: Bella Graham and Vinny
Third Place: Alyssa Linnell and Hunter

2'6" and 3'0" Gambler's Choice
First Place: Bella Graham and Vinny

Intro A:  Kamryn Wall and Diamond  68.125%
Intro B: Madeleine McBee and Libbey 58.125%; Angelina Langston and Diamond in the Rough 53.125%
Intro C: Alyssa Linnell and Hunter 68.000%
Training Level Test One:  Kamryn Wall and Diamond 76.089%; Alyssa Linnell and Hunter 75.652% and Amber Foster and Mijn Genezer 74.347%

Walk-Trot Pattern Class:
First Place: Amber Foster and Mijn Genezer
Second Place: Allie Pendleton and Sugar
Third Place: Ty Cox and Teddy

Trail Class:
First Place Tie: Allie Pendleton and Sugar and Amber Foster and Mijn Genezer
Second Place Tie: Ally Hensley and Elliott and Ty Cox and Worth the Wait
Third Place Tie: Max Satterfield and Serious Mr. M, Madeleine McBee and Sugar, Jason McBee and Elliott, Hanna Stowell and Libbey, Aubry and Serious Mr. M, Angelina Langston and Diamond in the Rough
Participants: Miles Forcier and Libbey and Sawyer and Worth the Wait (Katie)

Great job done by everyone!! We had perfect weather and a perfect day! Can't wait for the next show!! Gail

September 22, 2016

The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center near St. George UT is having a fall Horse Show Saturday, October 8th, 2016.  We are offering dressage, jumping, trail and flat classes. Please call or text Gail Veley at 435/231-0127 if you would like to participate. We'd love to see you here!

A fall Horse Camp is taking place Thursday October 13th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. $75 for the day and includes riding, lunch, refreshments and fun horse activities. Space is limited. Please inquire if you are interested. Thank you!

August 16, 2016

My Top Ten Favorite Horse Stories

Recently Don Charlet of Hurricane, UT brought his granddaughter out to The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center for summer riding lessons. After purchasing and reading my book, here's what he had to say:

Gail Veley of St. George, UT has written a book that appeals to a very diverse audience. Both "horse people" and non-horse people will find this offering entertaining and educational. Whether intended or just coincidental, Gail blends great story telling with infusing each chapter with "life lessons" that greatly pertain to conquering daily human trials and challenges.

She captures the raw emotion of her extreme passion and love for her equine sport, her students and of course her "ponies."

You may require a few tissues to sop up a tear or two during a few chapters, and having seen her in action giving my granddaughter riding lessons, I guarantee this book was written from the heart. I can't wait for the next "My Top Ten Favorite Horse Stories." 

This book is available by visiting https://www.createspace.com/1000251116

July 1, 2016

Horse Day Camps at The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center

This summer The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center near St. George, Utah is having some very popular Horse Day Camps. We've had four so far this year, with five more scheduled at this point for July. We are riding, learning horse management and nutrition and other horse-related topics such as Riding Biomechanics and Peak Performance Sports Psychology.  Both adults and children are attending and having a ball learning together!! The next Horse Camp dates are Friday July 8th, Monday July 11th, and Thursdays July 14th, 21st and 28th.  Signs up are limited so reserve your spot now. $75 covers the entire 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. day and includes lunch and refreshments. Call or text Gail at 435/231-0127.  Thank you!!

June 3, 2016

Career-Based Equestrian Horse Camp June 17-18th, 2016

The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center (in Brookside) near St. George, UT  is hosting a Horse Camp June 17th and 18th.  This camp is specifically geared towards individuals who may want to make a career out of working with horses. Participants will learn about horse management, health and wellness, grooming, first aid, riding, nutrition and other horse related topics. Cost is $80 per day and includes food and refreshments. To register contact Gail Veley at 435/231-0127 or gbveley@live.com

Thank you!!

Other summer camps for children and adults simply interested in learning more about horses and exploring riding can register for Horse Day Camps taking place on Monday June 20th, Thursday June 23rd and Monday June 27th.  Cost is $75 per day and runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

April 15, 2016

Diamond is Growing Up

At The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center in St. George, UT one of our most entertaining horses is growing up! Diamond a.k.a. "Tooty" will be three this year and started the new year figuring out how to respond when saddle and bridle also includes a rider. Owned by Denise and Angelina Langston, Tooty was the result of a Premarin drug experiment and headed for slaughter when the Langstons stepped in to be her owner. Although somewhat stunted in growth because of being prematurely weaned from her mother, she will more than likely be 15 hands.  The Langston have done what every owner of a young horse should do. They brought her to The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center at a very young age and have continued to board and have her trained.  Tooty is handled daily - haltered, led, turned out and brought back in to her stall each and every day. With his routine she is held accountable to a behavior standard where the rewards include freedom, her social life and food. In addition to her regular saddle training, this has made her easier to handle and be around. Every young horse should have such a program. It has made all the difference.  Tooty calmly lunges and then walks with Angelina with her head down and topline relaxed, turning and stopping on command. It has yet to occur to her to misbehave. She sees no reason to. Tooty's near future will include more riding and maturing.  We will keep you updated!