June 21, 2012

Horse Camp 2012 a Ton of Fun

As usual, we had a great, fun and busy week at Horse Camp. Emily, Amber, Hannah, Abigail, Cierra and Isabelle - way to go! From a three-hour trail ride at Zion National Park to Veyo Pool to our cookout in Pine Valley - we never stopped moving! Hope all of you are well-rested and recovered. Our End-of-Camp Performance was the best!! You guys rocked!

Special thanks to:
Clinician Frank Callagee for a great two-hour session! We can't stop talking about musical buckets!
Farrier Jerry Vonkaenal for a his insight on proper hoof care.
Guest Speaker Pat Allen on "What Riding was Like When I was Your Age."
Pine Valley Guest Speaker Marsha Bloom on "Gaining Credibility with Your Horse."
Veyo Pool Chaperone Jeffri Ann Olson.
Music Man and Research Paper Judge Ron Veley. Congratulations to Abigail the winner!
Evaluation Rider Susan Lundgreen for the beautiful jewelry!

We really appreciate all our friends and neighbors who come to watch the End-of-Camp Performance. Looking forward to a great time again next year!! - Gail