September 5, 2022

August 17th 2022 Horse Show

The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center had an awesome horse show August 17th and welcomed four riders from The Kolob School for Girls and their trainer Anndi Conder in addition to all of our other passionate and hard-working competitors. Thank you to all the others who helped make the day a great success such as Judge Janet Hodak and Volunteers Ty Cox, Ray Fuchsel and Annika Hoelterling. Results are as follows:

Intro A Combined Training Division / Jumping

First Place    Sophia riding Rain        68.687%

Intro A Combined Training Pattern Class 

First Place        Mary Claire riding Big Tuna    79.999%

Second Place      Lucia riding Big Tuna            61.750%

Third Place        Amanda riding Rain                55.287%

Intro B Combined Training Pattern Class

First Place     Ray Fuchsel riding She Had Me at Hello    92.687%

Second Place    Annika Hoelterling riding Sweet Silver Dollar 82.687%

Third Place    Rylyn Furley riding Dusty Sweet Potato 71.125%

Intro C Combined Training Pattern Class

First Place    Audry Bell riding Sweet Silver Dollar 77.750%

Second Place    Jillian Fairey riding Charity 69.750%

Training Level Test One Division

First Place     Shaylee Furley riding Mijn Genezer  95.538%

Second Place     Madeliene McBee riding She Had Me at Hello 86.523%

Third Place     Jenny Fairey 76.057%

Training Level Test One Jumping Division

First Place     Kylie Dampf riding Reya 66.423%   

Great job everyone!! I am very proud of you!!    

The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center 2022 Horse Shows

The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center has had a lot of fun so far in 2022 with two horse shows and horse camps, with another show and camp scheduled in September. We started off the year with an April 23rd show. Thank you to everyone who helped make the show such a great success such as Judge Faith Narciewicz and Volunteers Annika Hoelterling, Amber Foster and Ty Cox. Results are as follows:

Pattern Class

First Place        Isabella Arnoldi        Sweet Silver Dollar

Second Place    Vera Wilson            Mia    

Third Place        Penelope                Serious Mr. M

Fourth Place      Keegan                  Sweet Silver Dollar     

Combined Training Intro B

First Place         Maya Demille            Jack                          68.750%

Second Place    Annika Hoelterling    Sweet Silver Dollar   64.375%

Third Place       Audry Bell                 Sweet Silver Dollar    58.750%

Fourth Place    Madeleine McBee        Mia                            45.625%

Intro C

First Place        Madeliene Anderson    Jahbari                        59.50% Division A

First Place        Shaylee Furley            Mijn Genezer              68.350% Division B

Training Level Test 1

First Place     Kylie Dampf                 Charger                         50.384%

Training Level Test 2

First Place     Theda Wrede                Solid Gold                    84.55%

First Level Test 1

First Place    Amber Foster                Mijn Genezer                73.448%