July 21, 2023

Summer Horseback Riding Lessons in St. George, UT

The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center, 25 minutes from St. George, UT in Veyo, UT, is a beautiful and cooler place to participate in horseback riding lessons this summer. Whether you are young and inexperienced or older and looking to get back in the saddle, we would love to have you ride with us!! Contact Gail at 435-231-0127. Thank you!!😊😊😊

July 5, 2023

New Students Being Accepted at The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center

The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center in Veyo, UT (25 minutes from St. George, UT) is launching a new website at www:gailveleyequestrian.com. We are accepting new students and look forward to more riders finding the joy and passion that horses can bring into your life! Call Gail today at 435-231-0127.💙💚💛💜💜