March 19, 2010

Here’s a book any horse or animal lover will enjoy!

My Top Ten Favorite Horse Stories – and the lessons learned will encourage you to pursue this adventurous commitment.

Each chapter is based on the true tales of my life riding and training horses, and the sheer joy and inevitable heartache that can come with it. Some of these tales involve questionable situations and successful outcomes based on thinking or acting outside the box. When a majority of people would have given up or walked away, this book shows that perseverance, hope and faith can pay off. Meant to inspire, entertain and teach a moral, this book may make you laugh, cry and yet be filled with the ambition to make your very own horse dream come true. Saddle up and enjoy the ride this insightful book takes you on! I would be honored if you shared this important part of my life!

“This is not your run-of-the-mill horse book! It reaches deep into the soul of the die-hard horseperson. Gail Veley’s talent as a journalist takes you on some incredible adventures!” – Marilyn R. Lucas, ARIA Certified Instructor

This book is available by visiting or (click on the Bookstore link and then select “Pets” followed by “Horses.”)

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I'm Gail Veley, a professional horseback riding trainer with 25 years of experience. I'd like to share my experiences with you, and help you learn more when it comes to horseback riding and training.
Every thing we ever needed to learn about life, we can learn from owning a horse: Responsiblity, patience, commitment, endurance, respect, empathy and love.