September 27, 2011

The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center Horse Show

September 24, 2011 was the date for our first fall Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center Horse Show. Thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered. We had a great day and every competitor left with a handful of ribbons! Special thanks to Judge Frank Callagee for his encouragement and words of wisdom. Thanks, too, to Lori Carter of German Equestrian Manufacturers for our gift bags, Scribe and Scorer Pat Allen, Ring Steward Tom Tischler and Photographer Todd Tischler. Each and every rider deserves a huge round of applause for their efforts and hard work. Get ready for a Spring and Fall show in 2012!!

Congratulations to the riders and horses who won these classes:

Cierra Tischler and Worth the Wait - Intro Tests A and B

Jeffri Ann Olson and Streakin' Harley Bars - Intro Test C

Shaylee Snow and Perfectly Bear - Training Tests 1 and 2

Emily Olson and Streakin' Harley Bars - Trot Poles

Amber Foster and Worth the Wait - Crossrails and Trail Option B

Rick Crockett and Allstar's Game - Jumping 2'0" to 2'6"

Shannon Crockett and Lady Jane - Jumping 2'3"

Suzi Richards and Lady Jane - Trail Option A

Kara Carter and Lady Jane - Walk-Trot and Walk-Trot-Canter Division A

Shannon Crockett and Mijn Genezer - Walk-Trot Division B

Emily Olson and P.J. - Walk-Trot-Canter Division B

Keep up the good work everyone!! I'm proud of you!!