April 15, 2016

Diamond is Growing Up

At The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center in St. George, UT one of our most entertaining horses is growing up! Diamond a.k.a. "Tooty" will be three this year and started the new year figuring out how to respond when saddle and bridle also includes a rider. Owned by Denise and Angelina Langston, Tooty was the result of a Premarin drug experiment and headed for slaughter when the Langstons stepped in to be her owner. Although somewhat stunted in growth because of being prematurely weaned from her mother, she will more than likely be 15 hands.  The Langston have done what every owner of a young horse should do. They brought her to The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center at a very young age and have continued to board and have her trained.  Tooty is handled daily - haltered, led, turned out and brought back in to her stall each and every day. With his routine she is held accountable to a behavior standard where the rewards include freedom, her social life and food. In addition to her regular saddle training, this has made her easier to handle and be around. Every young horse should have such a program. It has made all the difference.  Tooty calmly lunges and then walks with Angelina with her head down and topline relaxed, turning and stopping on command. It has yet to occur to her to misbehave. She sees no reason to. Tooty's near future will include more riding and maturing.  We will keep you updated!