May 18, 2021

Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center May 15th Horse Show

The Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center had an amazing and fun day at our first show of the year on May 15th, 2021. Special thanks to Judge Helen Craven, Facility Manager Dr. Tom Johnson of My Family Chiro, Volunteers Ty Cox, Amber Foster and Annika Hoelterling and all the riders and parents who participated and helped the day run so smoothly. Show Days at our barn are always special and filled with teamwork and enthusiasm. Thank you everyone!! 

Results are as follows:

Training Level Test 3 Combined Training Division

1st Place - Amber Foster and Mijn Genezer with 71.517%

Intro B Dressage

1st Place - Theda Wrede and Solid Gold with 67.812%

2nd Place - Madeleine McBee and X Bey Hilleroshon  with 67.500%

          Intro B Combined Training Division

          1st Place - Madison Killian and Jahbari with 58.125%

          2nd Place - Annika Hoelterling and X Bey Hilleroshon with 54.625%

          Pattern A 

        1st Place - Audry Bell on Serious Mr. M

        2nd Place - Maya Demille on Flash

        3rd Place - Isabelle Arnoldi on Sweet Silver Dollar

        4th Place - Rylynn Furley on Serious Mr. M

        5th Place - Audry Bell on Flash

        6th Place - Isabella Arnoldi on Serious Mr. M

        Pattern B

        1st Place - Kylie Dampf on X Bey Hilleroshon

        2nd Place - Shaylee Furley on Mijn Genezer'

        3rd Place - Kylie Dampf on Sweet Silver Dollar