January 9, 2017

Letters/Kind Thoughts from Past Students
Since Facebook shares past memories I thought I would do the same this week. At the Ranchette Veley Equestrian Center near St. George, Utah students have confidence-building experiences each week. However, long before I moved to Utah, I lived and worked in Ohio. When I moved here in 2002, here were some parting words from students of mine:
"You have helped us lay a solid foundation in our training that we will have a lifetime to build upon and we will be forever grateful to you for that. Whenever we ride or spend time here at the barn, we will be hearing the echoes of your voice reminding us that 'you're better than that."  - Mary and Alisha dressage and jumping riders
"Along with encouraging me to become the best rider I could, you've inspired me to be a better person. You were never in a bad mood and you were always patient and caring towards both your students and your equine friends. I always left your presence feeling good." - Kelly dressage and jumping